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  • Conditions, terms of use of our platform.

    1. Account creation

    By creating an account on our platform and accepting the terms and conditions set forth herein, you become a valued member of our distinguished community. During your tenure with us, we expect you to actively collaborate in maintaining the prestige and integrity of our community by complying with the fundamental rules detailed in these terms and conditions.

    It is of the utmost importance that you take the time to carefully read and understand each of the points set forth in this document, as your knowledge and compliance are essential to ensure an enriching and harmonious experience within our community. By assuming these terms and conditions, you agree to respect and abide by the established policies, guidelines and regulations, which will allow all members of our community to enjoy a safe, respectful and productive environment.

    Our community prides itself on being a space where its members can interact, learn, share and grow together. We are committed to fostering an environment in which every member feels that their participation is valued and appreciated. By adhering to the rules and provisions set forth in this document, you are actively contributing to the success and progress of our community, and helping us to remain a benchmark of excellence and collaboration.

    In short, by creating an account and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you become an integral member of our community, committed to complying with and respecting the basic rules described herein. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to our community, confident that together we will achieve our common goals and forge a promising future.

    2. Acceptance of terms

    In the event that you, as a visitor, do not agree with the terms and conditions set forth herein, as well as our Privacy Policy, we respectfully request that you refrain from making use of our website. It is important to note that access to and use of our site is subject to your unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, regardless of whether you choose to become a registered member or simply browse the site as a visitor.

    We are pleased to provide our users with a safe and reliable platform, but to do so, it is essential that all those who access the website agree to the rules and provisions set forth herein. By voluntarily agreeing to these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you are willing to comply with the rules, guidelines and regulations imposed, which is essential to ensure an optimal and satisfactory experience for all users.

    If, after carefully reading our policies, you decide not to accept them, we understand and respect your decision. However, we remind you that, in such a case, you will be required to cease using our site immediately. We do not allow access to or participation in our site to those users who are unwilling to abide by the provisions contained in our terms and conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy.

    In short, by continuing to browse and use our website, you are giving your explicit consent and acceptance of all the terms and conditions set forth herein, which demonstrates your commitment to collaborate in maintaining a safe, reliable and respectful platform for all users involved. Otherwise, we urge you to leave our site and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    3. Subscription

    By making the decision to become a Subscriber or Member of our prestigious site, you are granted exclusive access to our extensive and carefully selected directory of articles. It is important to emphasize that these articles are available only under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), which guarantees the protection and promotion of the freedom to distribute and modify software.

    We pride ourselves on providing our Subscribers and Members with a personalized and genuine experience. Therefore, we strive to ensure that only real people, providing truthful and accurate information, can join our distinguished community at GPLDeveloper. By adhering to this policy, we guarantee an enriching and trustworthy environment in which our users can interact and take full advantage of the resources available on our site.

    Furthermore, by becoming a Subscriber or Member, you will not only gain access to a vast repository of GPL-licensed articles, but you will also join an engaged and collaborative community. Here, each individual is valued and given the opportunity to grow, learn and contribute to the world of free and open source software.

    We invite you to join GPLDeveloper as a Subscriber or Member, and become part of an exclusive community committed to promoting and defending the principles of free software and the GPL. By doing so, you will enjoy an extensive catalog of articles and a professional environment in which the veracity and authenticity of its members is considered of utmost importance.

    4. Age to become a Member

    In order to become a Subscriber or Member of our service, it is essential to have reached the legal age of majority, which in this case is 18 years or older. This condition is of vital importance, as it ensures legal responsibility and the capacity to understand and accept our terms and conditions.

    In the event that a person under the age of 18 wishes to participate in our activities and services, it will be necessary that he/she does so through an account previously created by a parent or legal guardian at least 18 years of age. It is essential that such adult gives his or her express and voluntary consent for the minor to use the account on his or her behalf.

    It should be noted that, in such circumstances, the responsible adult will assume full responsibility for any and all activities conducted by the minor through the account in question. This includes, without limitation, any actions that may incur legal consequences or violation of our terms and conditions.

    Our intent in establishing this requirement is to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all of our users, while respecting applicable laws and regulations. As a result, we strongly urge interested parties to comply with this age criterion to avoid potential mishaps, inconveniences or undesirable situations.

    5. Your responsibility

    The User solemnly undertakes and warrants that the information provided to the Site during the account creation process and at any time thereafter is true, accurate and complete in all respects. Furthermore, the User agrees to maintain and update his/her account information on a regular basis, including but not limited to a current and updated email address, in order to ensure that the data in his/her profile remains accurate, truthful and up to date at all times.

    It should be noted that the User’s subscription to the Site is personal and non-transferable. The User assumes full responsibility for any misuse that occurs within the GPLDeveloper Site under his or her username and password. Therefore, it is imperative that the User protects and safeguards the confidentiality of his or her password, preventing third parties from using his or her username or password to access the Site.

    In the event that the User becomes aware of or reasonably suspects the unauthorized use of his/her password, or the existence of any breach of security related to his/her account on the Site, he/she agrees to immediately notify the administrators of the GPLDeveloper Site. You acknowledge the importance of maintaining the security of your data and the integrity of the Site for the benefit of the entire user community.

    By adhering to these terms and conditions, the User agrees to be persuaded and convinced to comply with the stipulated provisions, always maintaining ethical and appropriate behavior when using the GPLDeveloper Site, promoting a healthy and constructive environment for the exchange of knowledge, resources and experiences among the members of this digital community.

    6. Resources support

    Given the intrinsic nature of the collections available on our platform, the elements contained therein are provided “as is” without any explicit or implied warranty that they will function accurately and according to your expectations, or that they will be compatible with all existing third-party components and add-ons. As a result, it is impossible for us to provide detailed, customized technical support for each of the downloads available on our site.

    It should be noted that third party products offered on our platform are the sole responsibility and competence of their respective authors and not of GPLDeveloper. Therefore, it is essential that, before purchasing any product on our site, you carefully review the technical support terms provided by the author of the product in question.

    In terms of our commitment to customer service, we focus on providing support for billing related issues and/or specific technical questions about our platform, GPLDeveloper.com. In this way, we guarantee quality customer service, focused on resolving any concerns that may arise in relation to the operation of our platform and the management of your purchases.

    Our main objective is to provide an optimal and efficient service to our users, however, it is essential to take into account the inherent limitations of the collections and products available on the site. Therefore, we urge you to carefully consider the features and functionalities of each product, as well as the technical support terms and conditions provided by their authors, before making any purchase on our platform.

    We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your interest in our GPLDeveloper.com platform, which is constantly striving to provide an exceptional user experience tailored to the needs of our growing community.

    7. Fair play and behavior

    Use of GPLDeveloper.com, including all published content and articles, is subject to our set of policies that may be updated from time to time, including, but not limited to, any fair use policies we may stipulate. Subscriber or Member status is not an innate right, but a privilege granted to those users who respect and follow our reasonable rules and guidelines. It is our hope that you will be part of our community for a long time. However, we reserve the right, exercising our reasonable discretion, to determine whether your use of GPLDeveloper.com complies with these terms and conditions.

    In the event that we identify violations of our terms, we may suspend or terminate your subscription account at any time and for any justifiable reason, which includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Violations of the terms and conditions set forth herein;
    2. Conduct that does not conform to the fundamental values of our community;
    3. Actions that may cause damage to our platform, to ourselves, or to third parties involved.


    If we decide to permanently terminate your account, we inform you that it will not be possible to request the creation of a new account.

    In addition, please note that no refunds will be offered to users whose accounts have been terminated. Some examples of reasons that could lead to account termination are:

    1. Hostile, offensive behavior and/or expression of excessive negativity towards our personnel and/or other customers;
    2. Repeated defamatory, malicious and/or false statements against us, as well as attempts to persuade potential customers not to purchase our products;
    3. Promotion of competitor’s products, contribution to software piracy, spamming or other illegal acts;
    4. Attempts to circumvent or violate our fair use policy, as described in the relevant section of our terms and conditions.


    We call on the responsibility and commitment of all our users to ensure an environment of respect and collaboration within our platform. At GPLDeveloper.com, we deeply value the trust you place in us and strive to provide a quality service that meets your expectations.

    8. Fair use policy

    In this document, we are pleased to communicate our fair use download policy implemented on the GPLDeveloper website (“the Site”). The fair use policy is a principle that underpins our commitment to fair, balanced and honest access to the resources available on the Site.

    GPLDeveloper specifically targets genuine individuals who provide truthful and accurate personal information when registering on our Site. The main purpose of the Site is to ensure a personalized and high quality experience for each User by providing access to a variety of resources and downloads in accordance with the provisions of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

    We would like to strongly emphasize that the Site is not intended as a platform for other “GPL” specialized websites to gain access to our resources for the purpose of increasing their own inventories and services. Any attempt to do so is an explicit violation of our policies and core values.

    In the event that we identify a User who violates this fair use download policy, we reserve the right to take immediate and decisive action. These measures include, but are not limited to, immediate termination of the User’s account in question. We strive to ensure a safe and fair environment for all of our Users and, as such, we take any transgressions of our policies very seriously.

    Please note that any User whose account has been terminated for violating our fair use download policy will not be entitled to any refund, in whole or in part, of fees previously paid to the Site. This is because such violations directly undermine the integrity of our platform and the experience of other Users.

    We thank you for your attention to this important matter and urge you to use the Site responsibly and with consideration for other Users. Together, we can maintain a strong and healthy online community based on respect and compliance with our fair use policies.

    9. Membership and/or price changes

    We are pleased to inform you that the content available on our website is constantly updated to meet the needs and preferences of our valued users. However, we cannot guarantee the continuous availability of any particular item on our platform. We reserve the right, at any time and at our sole discretion, to modify, suspend or discontinue all or part of the downloads offered on our website, with or without prior notice to users.

    In addition, in order to maintain the relevance and quality of our offerings, we may introduce new downloads to our platform at any time, also with or without notice. We appreciate your understanding and support in our efforts to provide an optimal experience and maintain an up-to-date and attractive selection of content.

    We would also like to remind you that the prices of any product or service on our website are subject to change at any time, at our sole discretion. Such changes will be posted on our website and will be considered effective at that time. We encourage our users to periodically review the pricing and related content information available to stay informed of possible changes.

    We reiterate our commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence, and thank you for your confidence in our platform. Our goal is to offer you a wide variety of quality content at competitive prices, adjusting to the changing needs and expectations of our audience. Your loyalty and support are of vital importance to us, and we will continue to strive to improve and optimize our offerings to provide you with an exceptional experience.

    10. Links

    We are pleased to inform our valued visitors that, while we have taken all possible precautions to ensure the quality and integrity of our website, we have not had the opportunity to thoroughly examine all of the websites linked or referred to from our platform. Therefore, we would like to emphasize emphatically that we cannot assume any liability or provide any guarantees for the accuracy, timeliness, suitability or reliability of the content present on such linked sites.

    It should be noted that the inclusion of external links on our website should not be construed as an approval or endorsement on our part. Our primary goal is to provide an enriching and valuable online experience for our users, and the inclusion of links to external resources is done solely with the intention of providing a wide range of additional information and resources that may be of interest or use to our visitors.

    We respectfully urge our users to exercise caution and prudence when visiting websites linked from our platform. We strongly encourage them to carefully review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any linked website before sharing any personal information or conducting any transactions. By doing so, you will ensure that you are making informed decisions and protecting yourself from any potential risks that may arise from interacting with third party websites.

    Ultimately, we believe it is critical for our users to understand that while we strive to provide an exceptional and safe online experience, we cannot guarantee the quality of all external resources linked to our website. We pride ourselves on our integrity and diligence, and want to ensure that our visitors’ experience on our website is as satisfactory as possible, but we also recognize that it is important to be realistic and transparent about the limitations we face when it comes to monitoring linked third-party websites.

    11. Trademark, copyright and intellectual property disclosures

    At GPLDeveloper, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards and recognize the importance of respecting and protecting the intellectual property rights of others. We understand that intellectual property is a valuable asset and, as such, we are committed to ensuring that our site complies with all applicable intellectual property laws and regulations.

    If you, as a rights holder or on behalf of a rights holder, believe that any of the articles or content published on GPLDeveloper infringes intellectual property rights, we invite you to contact us. We have established a detailed and rigorous copyright policy to ensure compliance with our copyright responsibilities.

    To facilitate an efficient and effective process, we urge you to consult our copyright policy, which contains crucial information about the procedures and requirements necessary to file a notice of infringement. By following these guidelines, you will enable us to address any intellectual property claims in a timely and appropriate manner.

    We strive to maintain a safe, legal and fair environment on our platform, and we take any allegations of intellectual property rights infringement very seriously. Through cooperation and mutual commitment, we can ensure that the rights of all parties involved are respected and protected.

    We thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this important issue, and for your contribution to the respect and preservation of intellectual property at GPLDeveloper.